My Mighty Quill showcases creative writing and opinions on current affairs and politics 

For me, writing is a passion. Breaking down boundaries between people is a dream. So My Mighty Quill has been born to allow me to indulge in creative writing and where appropriate, opinions on current affairs and politics.

I am one of the lucky few. Born in a loving family that had the means to give me the best in life. All the basics, and more. Security, education, and exposure to multiple geographies and hence multiple perspectives.

That beginning was complemented by Canada. My home today is a place to be proud of. A society that is compassionate, tolerant and one that promotes diversity of people, and diversity of  thought. My experience has been that such a society can help to bring the best out of you. When we look beyond man made labels, and recognise the humanity within us all, then the mind can open up to ideas, innovations and possibilities that we would otherwise miss. Human potential knows no bounds. The only limits are those that we create ourselves.

My writing is an experiment. Like any experiment, it will involve a lot of trial and error. With time, I might actually be able to come up with a method that my readers like. Here’s to hope!

Feedback would be great. What you liked and also what you didn’t. I can’t improve if I don’t know what to change.

My contact details are on the “Contact Me” page.

I have closed doors on my short story collection called “Kaleidoscope” which is also hosted on Wattpad. The link to my Wattpad account is available in the menu bar.

I am currently working on a novella called “Holo Tales” for the lack of a better name. I am having a lot of fun with it and will post chapters here as well as on Wattpad.

Other musings on issues of interest to me will appear under “Spyglass”.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. On the way we will meet frightened boys, bullies, well meaning politicians, kings, lords, rebels, explorers and many more.  The road is long, so we’ll have to be patient. If you enjoy the travels, I will have done what I set out to do.

So let’s open the door together and take the first step into a world full with possibilities.